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Political Solutions

Your Team Awaits


n politics, it’s not often that things are certain.  But at Blue Dock, things are different.  Unlike other firms, Blue Dock Consulting always puts the candidate first, working within a campaign’s infrastructure to form one cohesive team.  Whether in field, communication, or finance, our team of experienced consultants are ready on day one to tackle whatever challenges may lay ahead so that all you have to worry about is winning.


Blue Dock Consulting is a full-service political consulting firm.  This means that we are able to provide candidates with all the services they need to run a successful campaign.  Using our experienced team of consultants, your campaign can receive services including, but not limited to:

• Brand and Asset Design
• Responsive Web Design
• Universe Development
• Advanced Voter Targeting w/ thorough data analysis
• Canvassing/Phone Bank Training
• Social Media Strategy
• Intern & Volunteer Recruitment/Management
• Event Planning
• Fundraising
• Treasury Compliance Training 

• Full-Service Treasury Servies


Silhouette of Business team with clipping path holding award trophy show their victory whe
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